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  • "Excellent very easy to use application, large variety of different tracking options with a simple intuitive interface makes TrackBAC a must have asset on the iPhone." - Nigel Huband



How much do you really drink?

TrackBAC is an alcohol consumption monitoring tool for the Apple iPhone/iPod touch. With TrackBAC you can:

  1. Set your target Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC) limits.
  2. Record your alcohol consumption.
  3. Monitor your current and projected (BAC) levels.
  4. Analyze your drinking habits and (BAC) levels in detail over the last week or month.
  5. Export your data to Google Docs or Email, for further analysis with 3rd-party tools or collation with data from other TrackBAC users.

TrackBAC will continously track your consumption and BAC levels over time. Its easy to use, simply enter your stats to prime the BAC algorithm, then record your drinks with TrackBAC as you consume. TrackBAC will estimate your BAC and alert you if you go the limit. The more you use it, the more data it will collect. You'll be able to see a detailed statistical breakdown of your drinking habits, such as:

  • The total amount of alchohol consumed
  • Your maximum, average and minimum Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC) levels.
  • Whether you are drinking under your target limit or consistently going over.
  • Whether your consumption is going up or down.
  • Whether your drinking more or less that previous weeks/months.

How much do you really drink? Let TrackBAC tell you!


  • The BAC calculation is an approximation *only* and is affected by a number of factors that can vary from individual to individual. Always drink responsibility and never drink and drive.

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