About Us

TrackBAC was born out of a desire to be more health conscious and also to see mobile phones in pubs and bars used more productively. From its origins as a simple BAC calculator in December 2008 it has quickly expanded to provide long term alcohol monitoring capabilites. TrackBAC is under active development and is designed and built in Australia.

We use TrackBAC to monitor how much we drink, and we hope that TrackBAC will be helpful to you too! We welcome feedback, as its only through feedback that the product improves. So if you have any questions or comments don't hesitate to contact us at support@trackbac.com.

Lara D'Abreo, Sydney, TrackBAC

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  • "Excellent very easy to use application, large variety of different tracking options with a simple intuitive interface makes TrackBAC a must have asset on the iPhone." - Nigel Huband